Grizzly-Fleece W's

The GRIZZLY-Fleece by MerkelGEAR is a heavy Midlayer which can also be worn alone as a warm Fleecejacket. The main fabric of the GRIZZLY-fleece is worked of a very dense Fibrepile or high-loft fleece with excellent non-pilling values. Something that is not often the case when talking about high-loft- or „Teddy-fleece“ fabrics with their bulky and warm fleece fibres.

The GRIZZLY jacket perfectly evaporates moisture to the outside of the fibres and is a high-insulating piece of garment for the whole season from early spring to late autumn. The breathability is so impressing that one can even see little water drops hanging from the outside fibres after exhausting hours outdoors. The GRIZZLY’s cut is modern and similar to the blouson-type of jackets. A bit like one of the modernen „College-jackets“ but with a figure-mapping fit and longer cut back. Collar and hems are worked of robust technical stretch-material. This modern Midlayer offers 3 big pockets with YKK-Zippers (of which 1 is an inner pocket). Pocket bags are worked of the same strong Nylon-mesh which we already use with our 365-jackets.

  • 100% Poly-high-loft Fleece
  • 3 pockets with YKK-Zips
  • high breathability

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