About us

Many employees at Merkel are themselves active huntresses and hunters and have a clear idea about what the perfect hunting gear and apparel should be like: gear, they can rely on 100% throughout the entire season, when they are outdoors in the nature. Who is dealing professionally with hunting on a daily basis, is not willing to settle for weak compromises in her/his leisure time. If we do something, we do it right! That is also why every new piece of Merkel GEAR is thoroughly tested. For example, in our very own big game testing territory in Thuringia, where the summers can get rather hot and the winters freezing.

Since we are pursuing our passion whenever possible and even dream of nature on days outside the hunting season, we have prepared a few new information channels for you on the newly launched online platforms www.merkel-gear.com and www.merkel-gear.de. From now on, we will regularly update you with information about special events. We offer you impressive insights into the product development of Merkel GEAR. Furthermore, an international team of huntresses and hunters will keep posting impressions and reports about the greatest passion on earth. You can find this in the Blog and Gallery sections of this webpage.

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