Merkel GEAR – Success in Layers

Regarding hunting garments, the key for a successful hunt lies in the balance between comfortable temperature range and freedom of movement. In the critical moment, the body must not be weakened by coldness or heat. At the same time, the shooter must be able to take aiming positions quickly and effectively. Managing this balancing act requires dressing in several, well-aligned layers of clothing. Each one of the up to 5 layers has its set place within the performance-system of Merkel GEAR and provides comfort, thermoregulation and accelerated vapor movement, in order to ensure the performance of the hunter under any circumstances for hours.

Fabrics and fits of the individual layers are perfectly aligned without creating too much bulk and are cut according to aspects of hunting. On its own, every single piece of the collection is designed and conceived as such. On the whole, the system is yet better than the mere sum of its parts: thanks to the patented 37.5™ technology the effectiveness is increased with regard to removing moisture vapor and energy storage, is increased from layer to layer, which makes this system currently the most effective and versatile worldwide. Therefore, the body remains surrounded by an optimum microclimate even during frequent changes of active and resting phases (mountain hunt, stalking, tracking etc.).

How it Works & Functions of the Individual Layers

1. Next-to-skin, 1st layer of clothing:

Light, ultra-fine and comfortable merino wool (125 g/m²), which lies loosely against the body and protects it against chafing of outer clothing layers. Perspiration is wicked away from the body especially effectively in this layer.

2. Heavy-next-to-skin, 2nd layer of clothing:

Usually long-sleeved pieces of garments, also made of ultra-fine merino wool (235 g/m²), with a fantastic weight-to-warmth-ratio in robust quality. It is used for our extremely versatile long sleeve hoodies and long underpants (Longjohn).

3. Light midlayer, 3rd layer of clothing:

Most versatile, mostly made from high-density pilling-free and especially long-lasting fleece-qualities (~140 g/m²). Light, sporty cut multi-talents, which stand their ground on any occasion throughout the year.

4. Heavy midlayer, 4th layer of clothing:

Heavy fleece jackets or insulated, quilted jackets.

5. Outer layer/ hard shell, 5th layer of clothing:

The outer fabric of the multi-layer-system is weatherproof and therefore either completely waterproof or 100% windproof and, thanks to a DWR (durable water repellent)-coating, water-resistant for a long time. Our outer fabrics will keep you dry and warm, regardless of the conditions.

Merkel GEAR & the Technology of Cocona 37.5™

In the development phase of Merkel GEAR, all parties involved quickly agreed that there could be no cutbacks concerning the quality of the materials and membranes that are used. Too many manufacturers of hunting garments use cheapest membranes made in Asia and give them colorful names. That is why we decided to invest into a high-quality brand technology. Only by doing so, we can ensure that the given values for breathing activity and water impermeability are met, that no hazardous substances are included in the production and that the technology is constantly further developed and tested by a team of researchers.

Especially with regard to its suitability for hunting purposes with frequently alternating resting and activity phases, the remarkable 37.5 Technology™ of Cocona inspired us. Unique worldwide: the technology refers to all layers of a clothing system, not merely to the membrane of the outermost layer. Our merino wool pieces, on their own already fantastic performers, experience an increase in performance thanks to the small addition of 37.5™-fibers, which help them move moisture away from the body even more efficiently. The more 37.5™-layers (of up to five layers) are worn on top of each other, the higher the scientifically proven effectiveness. For more information, please visit:

Merino Wool in Combination with HighTech-fabrics

According to current scientific knowledge, there is no better way to manage the requirements of physically demanding hunts in the mountains on the one hand and persevering for hours in cold winter nights on the other hand, than with the described multi-layer-system provided by Merkel GEAR. The special thing about Merkel GEAR: the first layers, close to the body, are mainly made from natural merino wool, whereas the weather-resistant outer layer of the system is made of technically advanced, breathable HighTech laminates. Supported by Cocona 37.5™ all layers interact symbiotically, which even enhances this unbeatable combination of nature and HighTech!

Merino Wool

Merino wool has some fascinating properties, which no currently existing synthetic material can even begin to measure up to. The wool fibers of the merino sheep are one of the finest, softest and at the same time strongest wools worldwide. Merino sheep can be found in the freezing cold continental climate of Central Asia as well as in hot Australia. Due to evolution, their wool has adapted to all climatic regions: to warm them in the cold and keep them cool in the heat. Better than any synthetic fiber, merino wool fibers move excess moisture away from the body or release energy back to the body. Moreover: merino wool still warms you even when moist, which offers great advantages, especially to us hunters, who stalk and sweat and then cool down again when quietly observing. Merino is very comfortable to wear. It has absolutely nothing in common with the itchy wool of Norwegian knitted sweaters, which is why merino wool is predestined for the first two layers of clothing. One of the most remarkable advantages, however, is that merino wool does not emit any unpleasant smells even after days of sweating. Wool inherent creatine has an antibacterial effect and prevents the development of odor-intensive microorganisms on the skin.

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