Frequently Asked Questions

There are already quite a number of manufacturers for hunting gear. What makes Merkel GEAR so unique?

Every single piece of Merkel GEAR clothing is designed together with thoroughbred hunters of different ages and nationalities and is intensively tested prior to market launch. Merkel GEAR products are produced in line with the principles of sustainability (with no exception to the production plants in the Far East, of course).
Merkel GEAR is committed to absolute quality (work-wear standards) and performance (breathing activity and moisture management) and combines natural and synthetic materials, which results in fantastic wear properties and an optimum for most extreme hunting conditions.

How is Merkel GEAR clothing cut and what are the target groups?

From day one, Merkel GEAR produces clothing for huntresses and hunters of any age. The design and fit will most likely convince middle-aged huntresses and hunters very quickly. We have nothing to do with the bag-fits of past decades. Merkel GEAR‘s fit can be defined as Central-European well-cut. For instance, our tops are principally longer in the back, which should be a given for any hunting jacket anyway. In general, Merkel GEAR offers very good solutions for any age, as long as the wearer enjoys the activeness of our great passion.

When will other equipment items (except for textile) be available?

From 2017 under the name of Merkel GEAR more equipment will be available. A clear and very specified product range all around hunting with exemplary equipment solutions is our intention.

I am a friend of your brand and have lots of pictures. Is there any chance to send you pictures and reports?

We are principally always happy to share your experiences and impressions! Should you, therefore, have pictures or a short report, which may be interesting to other huntresses and hunters and which include products from Merkel GEAR – then please send an email to info@merkel-waffen.de. It is important that the pictures are of high quality and aesthetic value in order to show the beauty of hunting.

Is there a chance to join the Team Merkel GEAR?

All team members of the Team Merkel GEAR are ordinary women and men and very pleasant at that. What makes the difference is the exceptional love for nature, game and hunting, as well as the determination to preserve this nature any way possible. Most team members spend the majority of their spare time in the forest and fields and have an enviable pool of experiences regarding hunting and equipment. Furthermore, it is important as a hunter of the team to prove some ability for good writing and for shooting excellent pictures and videos. Should you have all those characteristics, we would be happy to receive a short application: the Team Merkel GEAR is a group of like-minded “nature-fanatics” – no elitist association of know-it-alls.

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