Deer Drag

Features and Specifications

  • Color: orange with Logo-print in black
  • Up to 400Kg strong Webbing – with 2 very big loops
  • Paracord inclduding Matal hook
  • Comes in a transport bag with belt loop


The MerkelGEAR deer drag is a simple but very effective support for dragging heavy game. 2 long loops, – wide enough to also be used by tall people individually or in pairs – 1 piece of Paracord connected by a steel triangle and 1 solid, galvanized hook form a unit to be able to drag game ergonomically to the next road or to the vehicle. The loops can be carried by a single person like the straps of a backpack. Or two hunters each take a loop to pull. The webbing holds a good 400 kg. In order to keep the price as fair as possible and to limit the weight of the construction, we have decided to equip the drag with a swivel. In climbing sports there are ball bearing swivels, which make sense especially for rescue in steep terrain, but are not really necessary in the lowlands. 
The scope of delivery includes a bag made of high-quality, orange Oxford fabric, which can be worn on the belt with the help of a wide loop. Made in Europe.

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