Neopren Gun Sling olive / black

The neoprene gun sling by Merkel Gear is comfortable, high quality and lets your gun appear lighter through its elasticity. The approx. 5.5cm wide, soft neoprene part offers enough contact area, even for heavier guns. Contrary to other gun slings, the neoprene part is approx. 70 cm long, allowing the shoulder to also profit of the wide contact area, even if the gun is carried with the muzzle pointing downwards. The structured, rubber like under surface of the sling provides an effective slip protection. The sling can also be used as a support when shooting. A subtle logo is positioned at the top and the bottom. Overall length approx.. 115cm.

  • Soft shoulder connector with grip coating
  • Longer comfort area as most comparable slings.
  • Subtle logo on leather applications
  • Dually adjustable
  • Pattern: olive or black

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