G10 Knife orange/ olive

The MerkelGear G10-Knife is a strong knife with a fixed blade. It is worked of best components and uses one of the most sought-after steel qualities for high-end knifes: N690-steel. An excellent steel quality which can easily be re-sharpened and at the same time shows astonishing durability in the topic of blade durability! In our opinion, an extremely hard steel is not suitable for hunting knifes, if they cannot be re-sharpened anywhere and anytime. Proper large game or a large amount of game often makes re-sharpening indispensable. The 11cm long handle has an ideal texture even when being wet and consists out of two orange G10-plates, which can be detached for cleaning using stainless screws. The 4,5mm wide blade is ribbed on the top to prevent slipping. The front, deep finger mould works as additional stopping element to prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade. The orange blad ecomes with a Cordura-Shetah; the olive variation witrh a more traditional, very strong lethater sheath.

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