Merino WNTR Socks


The Merino WNTR Socks feel at home like the name suggests, especially in the cold season. Manufactured in Latvia by an absolute specialist in technical outdoor socks, WNTR socks are blessed with an extremely large inner surface area thanks to a special knitting technique, which in turn leads to many air pockets and thus to optimum insulation. Gigantic 73% merino wool (please compare with other so-called „merino socks“) not only keeps your feet warm, but also bacteria- and therefore odour-free. Moreover, merino wool warms even when wet. WNTR Merino Socks reach just below the knee and have a soft, non-pressing hem. The toe area, the sole and the heel are reinforced. A „compression zone“ around the metatarsus region ensures an ideal, pressure-free fit of the socks. These wonderfully warm socks have right and left marking.

  • Main fabric: 73% Merino wool, 26% Nylon, 1% Spandex
Color: 2 shades of olive
  • Very warm knit-construction
  • Long shaft, long cuff
  • Straight cut

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