HNTR Pants W’s

The HNTR pants are our answer to the many requests for lightweight but robust, modern fit all-round hunting trousers for the warmer half of the year.  The HNTR pants make us proud to be able to offer well thought-through, high-quality women’s pants at a fair price. The centrepiece of the “HNTR” is the robust yet very silent outer fabric: quick-drying, 4-way-stretch Oxford. 95% Nylon and 5% Elastin form the basis of a light and ultimately comfortable fabric, which follows any movement and still is highly durable. The fabric possesses a hydrophobic, (PFOA and PFC free) improved DWR finish. Similar to all other Merkel GEAR trousers, the new HNTR pants possess a gusset which takes stress from the already strong dual seams.

As in all MerkelGEAR pants, the waist is cut extremely comfortable and conveniently and it is closed by two loop buttons and a YKK® Semi-Auto Zipper. Enough belt-loops and subtle inserts for suspenders keep the pants in the position where it is supposed to be. The HNTR pants possess two deep pockets on the side as well as a back pocket with a zipper. Located on the left thigh is a tight and subtle cargo-pocket, which can be closed using a flap and a magnet. On the right thigh, we placed a simple but efficient knife pocket and beneath it a smartphone pocket for standard size pockets. The knees a dually pre-formed to give a natural fit to the pants. As in the MNTN II the inside seams of the lower part are moved shark-fin like to the outside, to increase the longevity of these highly-stressed area. The leg finishes fit tightly around the shoe and partially possess an elastic band to underline the modern overall impression of these pants and makes life harder for ticks. Whoever might be looking for a robust but lightweight pant for the summer or hunting in Africa, appreciates excellent price-value ratios and rather likes a modern, female fit will have lots of fun with the HNTR pants.

  • Robust outer fabric: 95% Nylon, 5% Elastin
  • eco-friendly PFC & PFOA free DWR-finish
  • 5 Pockets, one zipper pocket in the bac
  • Fit: body mapping, modern fit
  • High breathability

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