Merino T-Shirt 155

Our Merino T-Shirt 155 (1st layer of clothing) is made from ultrafine, non-irritant, silky soft 155 g/m²-merino wool of certified origin. After trying it on once, you will not want to take it off again. Chafe marks, from backpack straps during extreme hunts, are prevented by the especially fine wool and the heavy 155 g quality. We chose such a heavy quality to be a little heavier for hunting purposes, contrary to the common outdoor trends, which rarely exceed 120g/m². The shirt is significantly longer in the back, so that cold air drafts stay out. Thanks to pure merino wool, micro bacteria in the sweat have no chance and – even after days of wearing this shirt – there are no unpleasant smells. Merino wool will even keep you warm when it is moist after sweat-inducing hours of hunting. This shirt is one of the most important pieces of clothing in the Merkel GEAR multi-layering-system.


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Merino Longjohn

Our merino Longjohn 37.5™ (long underpants) is made from the same robust and yet ultra-soft merino wool as the Longsleeve 37.5™.


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