A Mountain Hunt

Author: Date: 30/07/2019

Hunting the mountains is always impressive. The nature, surroundings, the fact that the weather might change any minute and – last but not least – the elusive game species one has to pursue under demanding conditions. Last summer, together with 2 friends, we did a hunt for Chamois or Gams, how we call them in the Bavarian Alps where they build the boundary towards our neighbors in Austria.
It was very hot these days, with temperatures as high as 33C° and no drop of rain since weeks. Difficult circumstances as one would be noticed in no time by the animals as last year’s leafs and dry grass was rustling with every step.
During the three days of our hunt we were sweating like hell and our 2 hunting dogs were equally suffering and taking a sip of water and a short bath whenever we passed a little mountain stream. Our base camp was a traditional timbermen- and hunting cabin. More than 120 years old and still a solid, beautifully made construction.
We started as early as 05:20 in the morning and kept walking the whole day. On the last day around 09.00 in the morning, our friend K eventually managed to bag a female Gams that was walking on its own. A great animal to take out of the population and the perfect way to end our weekend. After the shot was taken, we had to deliver the Gams as fast as possible as temperatures, flys and the like were a direct threat to the meat under such hot conditions…

Check out the movie we took during our hunt:

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