Author: Date: 07/10/2016

Of all five climatic zones of the biogeography, the Palearctic is the one with the highest temperature amplitudes. Sun, snow, rain, cold and heat result in temperature fluctuations of up to 100 °C throughout the year. Lowlands with moors, rivers and lakes are just as present as mountain ranges, savannas, steppes and deserts. Therefore, the hunting conditions offer a similar variety in this huge area: you can find everything, from heavy hoofed-game and quarry, game bird and water game animals to mountain game. Nowhere else a hunter will find more divers possibilities to follow his or her passion.

Merkel GEAR is a holistic concept and the unfortunate fact of the seasons converging more and more each year has already been taken into consideration during the development. Therefore, even the first 16 pieces of our 2016/17 collection offer equipment for the hunter for 365 days of the year. An important pillar of the philosophy of Merkel GEAR is to create added values, which go beyond mere summer or winter suitability. Our system shall allow the user to add on more pieces according to his/her needs, which will create an equipment system that is predestined from the needs of regular hunting grounds to the needs of hunting in East Siberia for instance. In case something should break, the hunter only needs to replace one piece of his gear and not the entire 3-in-1 jacket, which neither fits 100% in summer or winter anyway.

In the next years, further important individual parts from Merkel GEAR will be provided, which will also perfectly match the multi-layer-system and will contribute to the diversity of your gear. The result will be an outstanding standard range, which will at the most be improved every few years according to scientific innovations. This range carries the resounding name PALEARCTIC and shall redefine the diversity of hunting equipment.

The four Pillars of the Merkel GEAR Philosophy


All materials, which are used for our products, are subjected to endurance tests. Samples of later products are constantly thoroughly tested according to fit and durability in extensive field tests. 
Our trusted production facilities – whether in Asia or Europe – are counted among the best ones. The production is done according to the principles of sustainability (environmental, economic, social).


We wish to provide the hunter with products, that he will take pleasure in for a long time. Products, which may be used throughout the entire year and which accompany him, whether during the rather passive hide hunt or during the more physically demanding mountain hunt. Moreover, the products shall accompany the hunter throughout the entire hunting year, regardless of where he is following his passion.


We are so very excited about the combination of natural materials (merino wool) and 37.5-laminates of most modern technology, that every other system looks old in comparison. The performance from both these worlds, especially with regard to the needs of hunting, is an innovation that is yet unparalleled. It remains to be hoped, that a change of thinking will take place within the hunting community: away from poorly tailored “all-in-one-compromises” towards the perfect multi-layer principle. 


Wherever possible our production is done according to Work-Wear standards, which unfortunately is still unique in the field of hunting gear due to cost reasons. Important seams are at least double stitched, if not triple. The yarn we are using is so-called heavy-duty-yarn. Furthermore, we exclusively use quality materials for stoppers and zippers, e.g. from YKK. For example, we never choose zippers for jackets and pants smaller than size #5 in order to guarantee our customers highest possible and practice-oriented durability.

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