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Author: Date: 04/10/2019

After having introduced to you our partners on the manufacturing side and the suppliers of details such as yarns, zippers and buttons, we want to explain our strategies when it comes to fabrics and technologies. From the very first day on, we knew that we wanted to use a “real technology” in our garments. A technology, which is constantly checked and improved. We did not want to work with local “no-name” suppliers like so many others of even our most expensive competitors do. It took us a while to find 37.5-technology. The idea behind 37.5® remains fascinating: natural particles, permanently embedded in fabric-fibers help to control your core temperature – no matter the level of activity or weather. 37.5® is just ideal for hunters with their wide circle of activities: ambushing then moving for kilometers before being forced to sit and glass again. For hours – under bad conditions. The highly innovative particle technology paired with a strong membrane of at least 20.000g/qm² breathability and 20.000mm waterproofness, guarantees the best possible performance and a long-lasting effect for even the harshest conditions in the wilds.
In terms of fleece-fabrics – still essential for hunters as light and warm as they are – we’ve learned very soon that there is no good compromise. Good fleece costs money and is not easily produced. Bad fleece is 1. not really dense (which results in less heat trapping) 2. starts pilling easily, 3. can not be produced in qualities lighter than 150g/qm² due to its loose structure. Our partners are all from Italy Europe. Their names: Pontetorto® and Becagli®. No exaggeration – these two are amongst the best fleece mills in the world!
Pants are the hunters’ workhorse. We’ve spent weeks outdoors testing dozens of fabrics. Amongst them were some very expensive fabrics from Europe, USA and Asia. Also less expensive ones with great abilities. Our search keeps going for the fabric markets are innovation-driven and there is so many great new inventions. But it was only in late 2018 that we’ve found some NYCO® fabrics by Cordura® which have really impressed us. Originally developed for the Military, many NYCO®-fabrics are perfect for what hunters demands: very strong with good handfeel and technical stretch. Some of these fabrics offer lots of cotton, which is nice-to-have under warm conditions. And: there is no other hunting brand using them except Merkel GEAR. We’re using NYCO® fabrics in our new ILEX PRO pants, the ILEX PRO Hunting Shirt and the new ILEX Pro Caps which are just about being launched!

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