Sound of Nature

Author: Date: 15/05/2019

April saw us travelling to England. My good hunting comrade Eike and me have been on several fantastic trips durig the last years and this special one, where we would meet up with Owen and his son Dan of Cervus UK for a hunt on the tiny Muntjac deer, would be another very special trip to us! I’ve met Daniel and Owen around 2 years ago during a hunt for red stags in Thuringia and by then the decision was made to try and hunt Muntjac or Chinese water deer.
From the airport, we head straight to our hunting grounds for the next days to set-up highstands and check trailcams. The woods are filled with masses of the so called bluebell flowers and spring is to be seen everywhere: squirrels jump fro tree to tree, pheasants are calling all around us. After a small lunch break with venision-Salami from Germany, our first stalk begins: Owren takes the lead with me and Owen’s Helix rifle following him. We didn’t travel far until we see the first Muntjac deer not 30m from us – and what a nice buck it is! Owen tells me to get in action and out rangs the shot! – the little deer didn’t have to hear the shot anymore and I’m quite speechless about our quick success…
We sit down and our two english friends explain all the special things about Muntjacs such as their long fangs, the intersting horns, and the glands they need to mark their territorries. We spent some more time in England, take many pictures, enjoy good meals and have lots of fun with the guys of Cervus-UK. England has been good to us and we’re looking forward to have Owen and his son with us in Germany again!

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