The First Snow

Author: Date: 06/11/2018

Friday the 4th, 2018 – Bavarian limestone Alps
We’re hunting for Chamois and Reddeer. Paul Cedric arraived from Saxony and the middle-west of Germanyto try their luck for Chamois in the bavarian Alps.
After having bought last groceries, we head up towards our tiny cabin which is surrounded by mountainous forests. Cedric manages to start a warm fire inside whilst Paul is busy getting Thuringian sausages on the grill – the best sausages you can find from all over! A pretty tasty meal together with fresh bread, mustard and bavarian beer.
The next day starts disappointing: misty weather – one can hardly see farther than 70 meters and up the mountains, the view will be even worse…
We take another nap and finally head up the first slopes after the sky at least has cleard a bit during noon time. The next 5 hours see us fighting our way through wet grass and knee-high pine scrub. The wind tuns all the time and we’re happy to arrive safely back in our cabin at the end of that odyssee. It’s nice to have the chance to dry our clothing and gear above the warm oven.
The last day is not that foggy . Our LandCruiser gets us up the mountain till we reach a high valley; then we head on per pedes. My two compagions wouldn’t believe their eyes: there is snow – that early in the year! But that’s kind of the typical weather in the Alps – weather changes often and sometims dangerously quick. Especially Paul is struggling. His „Mountain boots“ do hardly deserve their name and he has to be very careful with every step he takes. We check all areas which usually produce game. Not so today. First snow is amongst the most difficult hunting scenarios one can imagine.
Unfortunately, today the wind keeps shifting and so we are happy to arrive safe back at our car later that day. We hunted hard but not every day afield results in a happy end. What counts is that we’re all safe home again – and there is always a next time…

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