The South African Roebuck

Author: Date: 08/01/2020

André is a good friend from South Africa. Often have we been hunting for Wildebeest, Impala or Kudus and I hardly recall how many hardwood fires we’ve been sharing together in Africa. 2014 was Andrés first visit to Germany – he wanted to visit Munich’s Oktoberfest and believe me: he indeed enjoyed the beerfest! To get rid of our blood-alcohol, we then went to the mountains near Munich to try for Chamois but all we got were a roe doe and her young one… In 2019, André and his best mate Hermanus were back in Germany. Hermanus wanted to go for a black roe buck which he’s been dreaming of since years. I wanted André to finally get a chance at a male of the Capreolus species.

We were hunting a good friend’s place in Sachsen-Anhalt, where the roe buck season opens on the 15th of April. After two days without success under pretty poor weather conditions, the third day brought a change: 3 roe deer were feeding out in a mustard field. Carefully, we made our way along a line of trees and brushes. The ground was partly foggy which gave the surrounding a mystical appearance. When we reached a distance between 150 and 200 meters of the deer, the animals started to become nervous. From its body and from the shape of its neck it was obvious that the buck was no youngster and so the chance of him bolting anytime was pretty much given…  Suddenly André dropped to his knees, brought the borrowed Merkel-Drilling up and shot in the so-called „bure-seat“-fashion where the knees support the elbows as a rest! The caliber 7x65R hit the buck like a lightning strike and I was again able witness the outstanding shooting abilities of my southafrican friends!  André was clearly above the moon with his buck which seemingly mend more to him than all African game combined – I on the other hand was perfectly happy that an “old hare” such as André was so delighted with what he got.

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