When things work out

Author: Date: 11/02/2019

After days of continuous rainfall a wonderful and slightly foggy Sunday morning dawned, when Photographer Inga Haase joined me on a trip to our hunting area in the north-east of Germany. The plan was to spend some hours on a tree stand. I’ve always had a soft spot for Inga’s impressive and mystical pictures which added to my anticipation of spending that day with her.

We took our equipment, camera, gear and rifle, to a nice corner of the hunting area. Lots of surface water and many characteristic birch trees add to the atmosphere of this special place. After 2 hours however, I had lost my confidence in hunting success. It was getting too late. I was telling Inga my plans to leave the tree stand and stalk for another one or two hours, when suddenly a roe buck appeared and shortly thereafter a doe with 2 young ones. Buck season was over and so we focused on the 3 females: After a short while, I managed to get a good shot at the smaller one of the two fawns which immediately collapsed. Minutes later, the second fawn reappeared between some brushes and I was able to place 2 more straight shots – flooring fawn and doe! …Boy was I shaking! (like I still use to after so many years in the woodsJ).
I was so happy that the shots were good and that we managed to bag the right trio for this time of the year! Inga’s cordial “Waidmannsheil!” summed up this perfect morning and after the gut-work was done, we went home for some Cappuccino, cocoa and cake, spending the next hours reflecting that fantastic morning and studying Inga’s lovely pictures.
Jenny Reichelt

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